Um Ponto de Convergência

About me (English version)

Educator , amador photographer, actress, devourer of books, tells stories and has the dream of tells stories around the world … these words define me. Define ? I’m not sure , but are little pieces of who I am , represent me.
In fact , as well as Gabi , ” always found it difficult to describe myself , after all every day the Humans are changing and I’m proof of that ! ”

IMG_20140624_070805My real name is Flavia – but keep calling me Tina Keys ; on my last birthday completed 25 years old, Scorpio is my sign, I am born, created and resident of the magical world of OZ .

Passionate about stories, I collect books since childhood. Today course The Art of Storytelling, in the after Graduate and I am once again passionate . Oh yeah … I fall in love too , not by men (not women , rs ) , I fall in love by me, by life, by books , events , music , theater , people ( real people ) … and I love this.

I want to learn other languages and dream to meet elsewhere of world .

IMG_20140718_181026I’m not that important to the world , but I know the importance I have for the people around me , I’m just a convergence point , as everyone is , but maybe showing a little my face, you know this blip here is interesting?
Since child, people see me as a dreamer and one of my dreams is to record in words what I am feeling. When I’m here , I’m home …
PS : In the spare time, I love inventing surprises for my girlfriend.


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